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TechBargains.com released its annual survey, finding that dads prefer tech gifts this year versus tickets to the most desired sporting events. The survey found a surprising 87% of dads would prefer an iPad over tickets to their favorite sporting event, eight out of ten fathers would rather receive a state of the art TV versus floor seats at the NBA finals, and 84% would prefer an iPad versus a round of golf at Pebble Beach.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Conduct your own survey. Ask Dads to respond with their ideal gift idea by calling in or via text and social media. Compile the common ones into a list on your website.


  • Ask listeners: “What’s the worst Father’s Day gift your wife or kids have given you?”


  • This study also reveals that on average people said they would spend $43 for Father’s Day, which is 40% less than the $76 average for Mother’s Day. Why do we spend more for Mother’s Day than for Father’s Day? Is this fair? Discuss.

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