Topic Idea: Drinking While Pregnant

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Drinking among pregnant women in the United States remains an important public health issue, with almost 8 percent (or 1 in 13) of expectant mothers reporting alcohol use, a new study reveals.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Some doctors tell pregnant women a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy is allowed. Ask an expert (an OB-GYN, for example) to weigh in on whether drinking is appropriate during pregnancy, and if so, which types and how much.


  • Ask listeners to weigh in on how they feel about pregnant drinkers.


  • Ask listeners: “What did you do when you were pregnant that was accepted then, but isn’t now?”


  • Edgier shows can get away with a “Don’t act like you never…” segment and have women confess what they did (harmless and funny of course, not life-endangering) while pregnant.

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