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With the summer Olympics pending here are some ideas to capture the excitement, innovate your content and take ownership of the event in your market.

1. Put words to the Olympic theme. Here’s an example of what I did for the winter Olympics using my mother as the correspondent.

2. Here is the full list of Olympic events to share on your website.

3. Contact your local Olympic training center. Find out the names of local athletes that are competing and follow them. Post their event, achievement, etc. on your website. Ask for contact information to set up interviews with them or their family.

4. Find a country that has ONE athlete in the games and adopt them. Post their photo. Email him/her and tell them that everyone in your market is following them and make a promise that if they earn a medal, you will [do something press worthy].

5. The [Show or Station name] Bartender Olympics. The name says it all…..Sponsor a contest in the local restaurant district of your city.

6. The [Show or Station name] Office Olympics. Take submissions for a week then hold a competition at Dave & Busters or similar place.

7. The [Show or Station name] Redneck Olympics. Here are three sample events:

  • Redneck Golf (A leaf blower, a golf ball, and a plastic cup taped on the ground.)
  • Redneck Horseshoes (A toilet seat lid tossed towards a metal pole)
  • Redneck Basketball (3 different sized duct taped balls thrown into a waste basket from a lawn chair)

-written by Cliff Dumas


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