Is Writing In Longhand Dead?

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By Randy Lane

“No, I never type. I don’t like that cursor flashing at me saying, ‘Whassup? Whatta’ ya got?’” -Jerry Seinfeld

Shocker: Some of the most creative people write in longhand!

You’re probably saying, “Yeah, yeah… writing in longhand instead of typing is like using snail mail rather than email.”


But I agree with Jerry Seinfeld. Whether you’re putting together a personal story, writing a blog or preparing a presentation, writing in longhand allows you to get all your thoughts, ideas and facts out there where they’re easier to see and connect.

Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, recommends that you start the process of prepping a PowerPoint presentation by writing each point and fact on a Post It. You then put them on a wall, which gives you perspective on where you’re going with your story or message and in what sequence. It isn’t until the end that you transfer your notes to the computer to start editing the copy and creating your slides.

Writing first in longhand and then using a word processor uses two different parts of your brain, therefore bringing out more of your creativity. 

Check out this video with Jerry Seinfeld on creative writing and his take on writing in longhand, including the quote above about the irritatingly expectant cursor (thanks to Joel Burke for passing it along).

How do you prepare for a presentation, write a story or bit for your show, or draft a blog? Share your tips in the comments below.

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