Segment Idea: The Swifties

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From Dave Ryan, KDWB/Minneapolis, via Studio Think Tank

Because Taylor Swift has had a string of short relationships separated by only a few weeks, we decided to do The Swifties.  We opened the phones to women who could rattle off the most men and why they broke up in just 15 seconds.

It turned out way funnier than we thought with a typical caller blurting out:

Brian, and I dumped him because he was uncircumcised, Craig, because he had fat fingers, Dylan because he was a crackhead, Todd because he didn’t have a job, Tim because he had three kids and didn’t pay child support to any of them.

Whoever got the most “exes” in in 15 seconds won.

Our audio and execution, admittedly, is a little rough since we’d never done it before, but it was fun, topical and definitely worth doing! Listen to the clip here.

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