Video Tip of the Week – The First 10 Seconds

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Most people want to start off their videos with an introduction like, “Hi, I’m Radio Rachel and I want to talk about my amazing motorcycle skills.” But you do not have much time to grab viewer attention before they start clicking on something else.

Imagine viewers scrolling down Facebook. The time it takes your video to go from the top to the bottom of the screen is about all you have to show them what you’ve got.

Here are some examples of videos that grab you in the first 10 seconds:

This video about the harassment of female sports reporters:

“Onions” doesn’t say anything in it’s first 10 seconds, but it is still a compelling start.

Letty B and Manny on the Streetz from 107.7 KIIS FM in LA get right to the point with the #RunningManChallenge.




Finally, check out this how-to on opening your video with a bang.

Studies prove that the average attention span of Americans is down to 8 seconds, less than a goldfish. The attention span of the average video watcher may be shorter than that. Open your video with a knockout punch, or viewers may never get further than the first frames of your clip.


Photo Credit: Mr. Pikachu/Flickr


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