Video Tip of the Week – What I Learned at Digital Hollywood

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VIDEO TIP OF THE WEEK – What I Learned at Digital Hollywood
Part 1: Experience

If you are an online video and social media junkie (like me), the Digital Hollywood conference in Los Angeles is your Mother Ship.

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel titled Women Leading the Digital Charge. I also learned a lot by watching the other panels happening throughout the three-day conference.

The big theme that kept coming up was the user EXPERIENCE.

Gone are the days of making cool content and just throwing it out there for people to watch and like. Viewers want so much more from you. They want to be brought into your world, responded to, and heard.

So when you are making video content for your social media or website, ask yourself these questions:

Who do I want to watch this?

  1. What do I want them to do when this is over?
  2. Do they have a place to comment or like?
  3. How can I incorporate their comments into my content?
  4. Did I respond to their comments?
  5. Have I helped my engagement by using their social media handles in my content or comments?
  6. What makes the experience of watching my content unique?

Millennials are now looking to the next big thing: Virtual Reality. That means they want to not just be included, they want to be immersed.

So look at your content from an inclusive angle and make sure you don’t just talk, but also listen and respond to your viewers.

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