Video Tip of the Week: Interview Style vs Straight to Camera

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Deciding on what the content of your video will be is hard enough, but you also need to consider where you are putting your focus while delivering that content.

When you are shooting a person speaking by themselves, you can shoot them one of two ways:

Straight to Camera – talking directly into the lens.
Interview Style – talking to someone off camera as in an interview.

The trick is to decide which one works better for your piece.

Straight to Camera works well if you:

  • Are comfortable on camera
  • Can memorize and deliver lines well, or have a teleprompter that goes over the lens (not an iPad above or below it)
  • Want to directly engage the viewer
  • Have a clear and concise message or strong opinion to convey
  • Are selling your personal services, or are the face of your company
  • Are live on social media

Look at this example:


Interview Style works well if:

You are not comfortable directly speaking to camera

  • You are wanting to present yourself as an expert on a certain topic
  • You are discussing topics or products outside of your personal services
  • You are using multiple people in the video discussing the same topic or product
  • You are giving a testimonial about a service or product

Check out this example:

Both styles work well for different styles and skill levels, so in the end it’s about showcasing the talent in the best possible light.

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