The Kvj Show – Lightening Rod Characters and Rule Breakers

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Check out the story behind Virginia’s decision to stream the birth of her baby live, and why Kevin arrives at the station at 3 AM.


The KVJ Interview – Part Two

Randy – How would you describe each of your characters?

Kevin – I’m the voice of reason, the moderate. Virginia can be very kind and lovely, but she can also be feisty. Her nickname is ‘Vicious V, and she lives up to it.

Jason – I’ve never heard a woman on radio like Virginia. She is definitely unique.

Randy – Virginia, what was the reaction from your husband, Panda, your doctor, and your family when you decided to go live with the birth of your baby? I think that was before FB live. Was it on Periscope?

Virginia – Originally, the hospital and doctor told me they didn’t want me to video it. So my husband pretended like he was recording the birth for us, but it was actually on Periscope. All the comments were positive, and fortunately, nothing bad happened during the birth. I think at one point we had 6,000 people watching live. After that, the doctor and the hospital thought it was a great idea.

Randy – Virginia has your character changed at all? Are you still as feisty, after having your baby?

Virginia – I think so! I hope I haven’t changed. I don’t go out as much as I used to, but I still go out.

Randy – You have a party girl reputation, right?

Kevin – When she goes out, Randy, she makes it count!

Virginia – I only go out once every couple of weeks, but it’s pretty hard core.

Jason – She shows that moms can still go out and get drunk.

Randy – What about Jason?

Kevin – Jason is the lovable child. He doesn’t care about responsibility or growing up. I think a lot of people envy him. They think, “I wish I could live my life like that.” He’s like Tom Hanks in Big.

Jason – “Man Child!” I hear that a lot, Randy!

Randy – Kevin, would you say that both Virginia and Jason are lightning rods on the show?

Kevin- Yeah, they are. They’re the lightening, and I’m the ground. I’m the nucleus in the middle, and they’re the crazy, interesting, eccentric personalities spinning around on the outside.

Randy – Jason is the single guy on the show.  Kevin, you’re more of a family guy. Is it fair to say you represent the suburban lifestyle?

Kevin – Absolutely. I’m the one who has kids, and I’m the typical softball/baseball dad. I have the kids in school and all that stuff.

Randy – Jason, one of the things that we hear on the air a lot is you talking about your anxiety. It’s about heights, and things like meeting with corporate management. Has talking about it on- air helped?

Jason – Yes, talking about that stuff and getting feedback from people who suffer from the same things helps. It helps me feel like there is strength in numbers. I have a baseball background. I’m a cheerleader type guy by nature, so when I hear people cheering me on, and saying that they’re glad to hear me talking about my anxiety, it helps.

Randy – How much of your anxiety is exaggerated for entertainment?

Jason – Most of it is very real, and some of it is exaggerated. I really do have horrible anxiety problems. There’s not much I make up when it comes to that.

Randy – When we started working together several years ago, the show plot we came up with was “dysfunctional characters discussing hot topics.” Is that still accurate today?

Kevin – I would say it’s still accurate. We’re well-known characters doing unpredictable things. We strive to keep our audience wondering what we’ll do next.

Randy – Audiences love flawed and dysfunctional characters.

Kevin – They get a big dose of that with us!

Randy – Kevin, you’re known for arriving at the station at 2:30 – 3 AM. Why so early?

Kevin – I get up at 2 and get in around 3. I’m comfortable when I’m prepared, and being prepared allows for more spontaneity. It’s easier for me to make decisions to stay with what we have going on, or take a different turn if the opportunity arises.

I don’t like to get off the show and realize we missed a great opportunity. I like to think we’ve hit every possible spot about anything that’s going to be of any value to the audience.

Randy – That’s interesting. We spoke to Dave Ryan a few weeks ago, and Dave likes to get his whole show planned and put to bed by the time they go to bed at night. They show up a 5:55 and spontaneously address hot topics that arise.

Kevin – Everyone has to find their own approach. I like to be comfortable when I’m doing the show, and being prepared makes me comfortable. It’s a quirk that I have. I like to be over- prepared to be spontaneous, if that makes sense.

Randy – Can you get enough rest getting up at 2 AM?

Kevin – I’ve started to make that a greater priority. I actually put rest above show prep now. That is the biggest change I’ve made in the last year.

Randy – Most people are sharper, more spontaneous, and in the moment when rested.

Kevin – Absolutely, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in exhausted. I’d think I had the whole show ready and then blow the whole thing because I’m so tired. And that sucks.

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