The KVJ Interview: Part Three

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What’s working on the  KVJ Show? Brain parking, podcast content, and KVJ TV.


The KVJ Interview: Part Three

Randy- Take us through your daily show-planning process.

Kevin – Virginia and Jason send me ideas. Virginia will send me things happening in her life, relationship stuff, being a mom, etc. Throughout the day, I’m constantly plugging in and planning. I’ll send them an email with the ideas I’ve come up with, and they send me one back with the ideas that they like.

Randy  – Is there a final plan that’s put together before you go to bed at night, or is that something you do early in the AM?

Kevin  – The show is 60-75% planned by the time we go to bed; we fill in the rest of the cracks. Even as the show is going on in the morning, I’m scanning the schedule and sometimes say “I think this would go better if I moved this up here and this back there.”

Randy – Kevin, we’ve often talked about the process of brain parking. How do you come up with your best ideas?

Kevin – Brain parking is huge for me. It works best when I take on a monotonous chore like washing dishes, painting, or showering. Driving is the big one for me. This will sound awful, but I don’t listen to the radio anymore. I drive in silence. It provides a time to think, go through all the thoughts in my head, and work through discussions for tomorrow’s show.

Randy – Tell us something you did on the air that you later had to apologize for.

Virginia – I had to apologize to my husband today for stuff I said yesterday.

Randy – Can you share?

Virginia – We had gotten into a disagreement, and I aired all the dirty laundry before I told him I was mad.

Randy – Do you have an understanding that you are going to share things on the air?

Virginia – He tells me not to, and I don’t listen- that’s our understanding.

Randy – Any embarrassing stories that have happened at events or appearances?

Kevin – We were at a pie-eating contest recently. Jason thought he was going to be cute and pie Virginia in the face. Just as he was about to pie her in the face, he tripped over his big feet and wound up tackling her off the stage and landing on her on the cement below. The crowd was horrified. You could hear the gasps.

Randy – Is there any content or appearances out of the studio that have helped the ratings of the show?

Jason – We’re know for our involvement with Little Smiles. People constantly say, “I love everything you do for the sick kids.” We have the kids on the air, go out to their events, and go to the hospital to visit them.

Randy – How do you prioritize all the mediums and platforms that you have to deal with today?

Kevin – I am constantly evaluating every project I’m working on, whether it be bits or social media, and promotions for the show. I ask myself, ”Is this really the best use for my time?” You don’t have to be on every social media platform. It’s better to be great with FB than to be mediocre with four different social media platforms. Avoid being a jack-of-all-trades and be the master of one.

Randy – Do you do an original podcast, or put the whole show on the podcast?

Kevin – We do both. We offer the whole show with the songs and commercials edited out, and it’s on demand every day. We do bonus material that is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Jason and Virginia are really funny people, and it’s great to hear them interacting in their natural element without any FCC concerns.

Randy – What have you learned about what works in podcasting, and what would you advise shows to stay away from?

Kevin – Don’t treat it as a garbage spot to throw out all of your junk material. Don’t allow the sales department to dump in client junk either. You can damage your brand by anything you do. We don’t put C and D material in our podcasts.

Randy – What’s the value of KVJ TV?

Kevin – We have a visual show with all the stunting we do. You can pick it up on your smartphone, and you can take it anywhere on demand. When Jason’s truck was getting stolen, the audience wanted to see it. People will listen to our show in the morning, and at night they will watch KVJ TV. The more that we can be a part of their lives, the better.



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