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One of the top challenges for radio shows and podcasts is creating fresh content. That’s why we created a comprehensive daily planning checklist to help jumpstart new content ideas, features, and benchmarks.
Here are a few nuggets from the list:

  1. Start your planning meeting with the “Post Show Review”:
  2. Plug-in your regularly scheduled benchmarks and features.
  3. Include Humor/fun:
  • Interactive games listeners can play along to
  • Out of studio interactive games like Bailey & Southside Rock 100.5 Atlanta’s Smarta Marta
  • Stupid/weird news type stories
  1. Ask: What’s trending nationally and locally?
  2. Tell Stories – personal from the cast and external (such as good news stories).
  3. Generate conflict, drama, dilemmas, relationship content: from the cast or correspondence from a listener.
  4. Use Interactive phone and social media topics: Ask people with interesting posts and texts if they’ll go on air.
  5. Create Serial content: Set up a cast or listener storyline that pays off today AND sets up a continuing mystery that will be resolved at the same time tomorrow to boost TSL.
  6. Create a video that will potentially go viral.

The most successful shows have a balance of predictability and familiarity from their benchmarks AND unpredictability from the generation of innovative fresh content.

Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

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