The Upside in These Down Times

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I already miss watching the Lakers and the Dodgers. I miss casually walking into a store to get what I need. It’s odd not to be able to go to a doctor for routine appointments. My wife, JoAnn, is teaching her students from home over Zoom. I’m doing video workshops in lieu of in-person visits. Clients are broadcasting from home.
I know, all first world problems. But, still, the new normal is shifting my perspective in many directions. And some of those directions are surprisingly positive. 
Instead of listening to the continuous news and daily press briefings, this might be the perfect time to consider what’s going right in our world.

  • We are being forced to slow down.
  • Collaboration and cooperation is a must now.
  • The world is more health conscious.
  • We are upgrading our immune systems.
  • There is a greater sense of community.
  • We have time to do the things we have been too busy to pursue.
  • Compassion and concern for the elderly has become a priority. 
  • We are grateful that the internet allows us to virtually visit with friends and family.
  • Projects around the house are finally getting done.
  • This is the perfect time to start new creative endeavors.
  • There is no traffic in the traffic capital of the world!

The world is being impacted like no other time in modern history. We are experiencing a new normal, at least for an unknown amount of time. The best thing that we can do is stay informed, take the recommended precautions AND…always look on the bright side of life!

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

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