Your Drive-Time Listeners Are Staying Home

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During this frustrating period of quarantine, people can’t physically engage with friends and family. Loyal listeners build authentic relationships with their favorite personalities, and rely on that companionship and entertainment during their morning and afternoon commutes.

Now that we have temporarily lost the majority of in-car listening, how do we maintain that vital connection with stay-at-home listeners?  It’s time to think fast about ways to engage your audience in this new normal. 

  • Shows that still have studio access can broadcast on Facebook or Instagram Live.
  • If your building is closed and your cast is broadcasting the show remotely from different locations, DJ Walker KATM-FM Modesto-Stockton suggests using Streamyard and Be.LIV. You might also consider Bluejeans. All three apps push the stream to social media. 
  • Regarding live streaming, there are two lines of thought on whether to keep the show on-camera during commercials and music. One is to stay live and pull back the curtain. Many listeners find it fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes action, including the antics, editing and conversation for the next segment.

    The other thought is that revealing too much that goes on off mic takes away the illusion. If you agree, you could put up graphics teasing the next segment, post infographics about the virus, run promos with highlight moments of the show, promos for other dayparts, etc.
  • Shows like Chris Booker’s AMP Los Angeles morning show, are recording the night before and posting on social media the next day – in the time slot their show would normally air. While the show is airing, the cast is pushing out promos and teases for upcoming segments on social media.

    A bonus of recording is that your listeners will enjoy a cleaner pre-produced show.

Photo by Ed 259 on Unsplash

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