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In view of the chaos we’ve been experiencing, there are three trends emerging for broadcasters on-air and on social media.


The appeal of local content with listeners was growing the past few years before the virus. The appetite for it has gotten even stronger since March. This past week radio shows all over the country have been informing listeners about the protests and personalities have joined residents and store owners to help clean up looted businesses.

Here are some examples of radio shows stepping up for their communities during the lockdown to help local listeners and businesses. They are also finding ways to virtually honor graduates, proms, and graduations.

  • The smart city of Seattle remains in 100% lockdown. Star 101.5  is supporting local restaurants by giving away gift cards to listeners with their “Operation Gift Card” promotion. They’re also featuring brief stories from local business owners.
    Star’s morning show, Curt, Corine and Leonard, highlight local good-news stories of people helping people in their “Positive Spin” feature.
  • Troy Hanson, Cumulus VP/Corporate Programming – Rock formats at WKQX Chicago, tell us, “The good shows are keeping it real and authentic. It’s not about trying to be a newscast or a soap box moment, but a moment to listen, to let the community do the talking. Especially in the markets where there was direct conflict running counter to the protesting, aka, the rioting.”


We advise our clients to keep it real, while leaning with the tone and content positive. 

  • Houston’s 100.3 The Bull’s morning show, George, Mo, and Cowboy Dave are refreshing President Bush Senior’s 1,000 Points of Light. It got immediate strong response from listeners.
  • Upbeat and flashback music features are popular now during this time of social change.
  • Most shows are getting back to their regular content. Kevin Rolston, host of The KVJ Show West Palm Beach says they are listening to their audience, “Our listeners are letting us know that they want levity.”


It’s become more important for air talents and radio stations to be highly conscious of their tone and content during this turbulent time. Avoiding superficial and trivial posts is a good practice now.

  • Rob Roberts, Director of Branding & Programming Cox Media Group San Antonio states, “There are people on the “inter-webs” looking for a fight. Nothing to do with your station and maybe they don’t even live in your city (or they might be a bot), but they are searching hashtags and bombing your position no matter what it is. So, we’re encouraging everyone to take a minute before they post and read, then re-read what’s going up. And never respond to the fight. It’s a no-win deal.”
  • Troy Hanson says on social, “We’re focusing on where we can help with clean-up efforts locally and where we can locate and celebrate what good things people are doing, even if it has nothing to do with Covid or the protests.” 

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