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The isolation and separation we are experiencing has created a deep desire for human connection.

With no fans in the seats, TV sports coverage has responded with crowd noise and human cutouts. Customer service research from automation company CGS, shows a sharp increase in people’s need to “speak to a human agent.” Many companies are now scrambling to figure out how to give customers access to a human being in automated phone systems.

Virtual human interaction such as YouTube’s #withme videos are up 600%. Edison Research revealed that one of young Generation Z’s top reasons for choosing radio is human connection and companionship.

Who do you think has more social media followers: Howard Stern, The Howard Stern Show or Sirius/XM? The answer is Howard Stern! Many other high-profile radio personalities have more social media followers than their radio stations. Listeners relate more to individual people over a show or station.

Steps to humanize your radio station:

  • The Randy Lane Company coaches air personalities to connect emotionally with listeners by sharing their point of view. That includes opinions, personal life stories that come alive by sharing inner dialogue and dialogue with others in the story.
  • Replace unfamiliar voiceover talent in the imaging with your star personalities.
  • Morning TSL on top-rated shows is only 10-12 minutes per listening occasion. We hear many shows running imaging production into and throughout music sweeps. Be sure talent is present at least every 7-8 minutes. Otherwise, many listeners will never hear a human being.
  • Promote your trusted stars at least as much as the music.

Especially in times of change and uncertainty, radio’s #1 strength is human connection and companionship.

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