Why Do We Resist Planning?

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Why do we resist planning? The short answer: Because it requires work.

Many shows see an idea in a prep service and just go with it. Recently, I had a coaching call with two shows in the same company and market. Both shows read the same top 10 list verbatim from a prep service. Copying an idea requires no effort.

The best shows use prep service ideas as thought starters, including the ones in this newsletter. Rather than being lumped in with other shows, put your own spin on an idea and make it stand out. Then it’s original, branded content that you own.

There’s a slew of surveys and top 10 lists on prep services and the internet. Instead of merely reading all 10 items on the list, zero in on the most interesting three or four that generate strong viewpoints and stories from the cast or as a solo host.

We hear many shows with decent ideas that clearly would benefit from more development. That takes time and energy. My friend the late, great Kidd Kraddick didn’t stop with a good idea. He would brainstorm with the cast until it became a great idea. Kidd’s method to give ideas more impact was to continually ask, What else could we add to make it bigger?”

We advise shows to schedule twice-monthly and quarterly advance planning sessions. Upcoming appearances, events, and holidays often need research and groundwork to pull off excellent execution.

There’s also a bonus benefit to advance planning. When you start discussing an idea, the human brain begins to work on the idea subconsciously. Following your planning session, new thoughts, insights, and ideas float up to the surface.

At RLC, we advise clients to develop their content by asking a comprehensive series of questions. Here is a sample of those questions to get you started:

  • What are several approaches to this idea?
  • What’s the best one? Can we combine two to create a great one?
  • What’s at stake? Is there a dilemma?
  • Is it relevant to the target audience?
  • What’s an attention-getting setup?
  • What’s the exit?


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