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Taylor Swift is moving the needle more than any media personality, celebrity, influencer, or politician.

Besides being a talented singer, songwriter, and musician, she’s also a positive role model for many young women and girls. She is THE definition of a personality brand.

You create a personality brand by sharing your point of view, personal stories, and emotions. You stand up for causes, charities, and your community. Personality brands are emotionally intelligent and have a sharp vision of who they are. Taylor Swift shares her stories, joys, and pain. She confidently takes on corporations (Apple Music) and abusers.

Having seen Taylor in concert twice, I was impressed with how she takestime between sets to speak directly and authentically to her fans. She encourages females to be confident, believe in themselves, and speak up when they’ve been discriminated against or abused.

She advocates for girls, young women and minorities to raise their voices. On National Vote Day, Taylor urged her fans in an Instagram post to make their voices heard at the ballot box. The post drove 35,000 people to register to vote, according to

Taylor has vocally expressed her support of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA),  which works to better protect women from domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and other forms of gender-based violence.

Taylor Rocks the NFL

How much money has Taylor Swift made professional football? It’s an estimated $331.5 million dollars in brand value for the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL. That’s more than any player, coach, or icon.

She has become a polarizing figure in NFL football largely because serious male football fans dislike the attention she receives at the games. Yet the NFL is reaping huge benefits beyond revenue from Taylor’s presence.

Prior to Taylor’s relationship with Travis Kelsey, many young females could not have cared less about NFL football. She has introduced an entirely new demographic to professional football. “I’m rooting for Taylor Swift’s boyfriend” is a common catchphrase.

NFL viewership has skyrocketed. According to CBS, the playoff game between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills was history’s most-watched divisional playoff game. Taylor has created the highest regular season viewership among women since tracking began in 2000.

THE Personality Brand

Screenwriting guru Robert McKee states that the most interesting characters possess “skewed opposite” characteristics. Taylor Swift expresses her joys and tribulations through music and the world stage.

New Memphis morning cohost at Kicks 106 and “Swiftie,” Courtney Carter, describes her opposites as” Taylor is both powerful and delicate. She is intricate yet simple. She defies the cultural norm that men are the most powerful.”

4 Key Ways to Become a Personality Brand

  1. Personality brands create a relationship with an audience based on trust.This trust relationship is formed by demonstrating your endearing characteristics and disclosing your quirks and flaws
  2. You become a trusted voice by being a distinctive personality in an interesting and entertaining way.
  3. Be brave enough to be vulnerable.
  4. Take a stand in your community by owning a cause or charity. Standing up for children, women, and animals makes the most impact.

Photo by Stephen Mease on Unsplash

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