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What else? It’s a simple question that can generate many creative ideas. I’ve read the motivational books, done the seminars, been inspired by “The Wheel” of this, “The Ladder” of that, 7 ways to generate creative ideas, 10 ways to successful brainstorming, etc.

In my experience, time and time again, the simple phrase “what else” has endured as a catalyst igniting creativity.

Let’s say your show is planning the phone topic “Have you ever embarrassed your kid?” By asking “what else” the phone topic immediately becomes larger; it becomes unpredictable and expands exponentially.

First break: Listeners sharing a few stories; what else? (This is where “what else” adds layers.)

Second break: The kids of those parents reacting; what else?

Let’s get one of OUR parents on to share a story (great character development opportunity); what else?

Can we write a parody about it? What else?

Let’s post a personal photo/video of something that happened as a child that adds a web component; what else?

Let’s create an online contest and solicit listeners to submit either a photo or a video example of how they embarrassed their kids. Use the American Idol theme…call it “Not Your Kid’s Idol” contest. What else?

Get sales involved for the contest idea, tie in local TV. What else?

Let’s involve the celebrity interview scheduled in our topic. (This will give you content for an impactful tease.) Example: “Blah Blah from Dancing with the Stars mixed up the ingredients for her son’s birthday cake with his science project; she’ll share the explosive details in 10 minutes.”

“What else” is simple because it doesn’t impose conditions or expectations. It leaves more room to follow a creative path and not worry so much about how you get there. So, you could spend hours reading the latest motivational book about creative brainstorming… OR you could simply ask ”what else” could I do today with all the time I saved?

-written by Cliff Dumas


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