Roles and Road Trips

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August 31, 2011
Imagine your show like a family on a road trip. The lead host is the driver, the “dad” in the traditional family model, steering the car and making the moment to moment decisions to guide the family. The co-host, “Mom,” rides in the passenger seat, making conversation yet not distracting or derailing. The co-host doesn’t reach over and grab the wheel, but takes over for a while (this may be your news break or entertainment report, for example).
The back seat can be full of a variety of characters – the snarky teenager, the five-year-old blurter, the bookish tween.

These voices speak less and make each word count. They don’t drive the car yet they make each conversation more interesting by adding a fresh perspective.
Off the air, during brainstorming, this structure optimally doesn’t exist. Each player is equal in contributing ideas and working together toward common goals. But once the mikes go on, the audience will connect with each player better if they can follow or “track” with you. If your show feels “off,” it may be that the roles need to be ironed out. Make sure each player knows where they sit for their morning show road trip.


-written by Angela Perelli


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