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Channeling Ben Stein: “How many radio stations or morning shows are using any type of project management software to connect their teams for brainstorming, planning, collaborating, organizing and executing Ideas? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone heard of Basecamp? Anyone?” If you haven’t heard of BasecampHQ yet, you will.

4 weeks ago, I discovered it when I overheard my siblings talking about it at our Family Beach Week.

My brother and sister are in completely different fields, and they were both raving about Basecamp. “What’s Basecamp, and why is it so great,” I asked. The passion with which they both spoke about “collaboration,” and “accountability” was piquing my interest. The best ideas, not just the okay ideas, were coming from “unsung heroes” on staff. Mike and Katie defined the term raving fans. 37 Signals apparently had developed something special, so I had to try BasecampHQ myself. And I.LOVE.IT.

I instantly think Radio whenever I see something new like this buzzing in the marketplace. It’s hard to do justice to what you can truly do with BCHQ, but let’s take “collaboration” first. Imagine being able to “whiteboard” show bits, guests, contests, etc. and have all show players contribute suggestions, provide feedback, etc., until, you’ve got something great.

Imagine the same thing in sales. Reps can collaborate with the entire programming department for stronger, more effective commercial copy. The rep posts a few client bullet points, staffers from all corners are invited to whiteboard copy ideas, overall sales themes, or added value in-store tie-ins. Winning ideas get rewarded.

The second BIG plus for Radio and morning shows is Accountability offered by ProjMan Software. BasecampHQ has “to do” Lists that are assigned to specific people with defined deadlines. Everyone stays “up to date” without having to be in the same place at the same time. Files can be uploaded and shared, and team members can see who’s getting work done, and who is not! So no more Angry Birds, get that dub done, spot voiced, client pitched, promotion approved, ticket winner’s information, and van washed. Before you know it, Halloween will be here and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Or if you’re like me, it will only take a week.

Basecamp has three plans, and offers free 30-day trials. Click here to learn more about pricing.

P.S. I’ll be working with Randy and a client to set up some radio show “templates” within BasecampHQ just for morning shows. Shoot me an email if you’re interested and I’ll put you on that project’s to do list, so you can get started with Basecamp quickly.

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