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There may be a changing of the guard this season when it comes to the highest rated “singing talent” show of 2012, as noted by buddytv.com.  What is it that makes the 2nd year NBC show The Voice more appealing than the ratings powerhouse American Idol? America’s Got Talent, X Factor, and all the other talent competition shows on TV haven’t had the success of The Voice.

Sure the Super Bowl lead in helped, but I think The Voice has real legs. Why? Because of the unique perspective it offers the viewer in the qualifying process.  I’m assuming credit goes to producer Mark Burnett for deciding the panel would have their chairs facing away from the vocalist and towards the studio audience.  It’s a very different “camera angle”  that we get on the talent discovery process that feels more true or pure.

Sure, talents are pre-screened. But we don’t see a bunch of social misfits for three weeks (Idol). Yes, The Voice producers have allowed singers who defy the physical and auditory expectation, but in most cases those people can still sing. And then, (this season’s twist) if chosen by multiple judges, the singer can choose who he or she wants as a mentor.

The Panelists (Adam Levine, Cee-Lo, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton) complement each other very well, and even though plenty of gamesmanship goes on between them, you don’t get the feeling that it’s really all about THEM. The judges’ back and forth commentary feels much more true to raising the bar for these contestants in the name of music than raising their personal profiles. And Carson Daly is so much more likable than Seacrest.

Sure, these are just my observations, but if any of this rings true, think about how your radio show could currently be analogous to any one of these shows. Are you American Idol, still riding the waves of past successes and doing the same old thing? Are you X Factor  with polarizing talent who think it’s all about YOU, instead of the audience?  Or is your team focused on being “true” to something the audience values and giving your listeners a “voice?”

Now is the time for an honest S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of your show.  Production elements, benchmarks, character development– decide what’s working and what needs a “new perspective.” Spring (Book) is around the corner. Now’s the time to decide which type of show you’re going to be.


(And here to mentor you in that process is the Randy Lane Company. Press your buzzer before your competition does, and get RLC on your team.)


-by Brian Egan


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