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A fan at the game who ruins your live experience by standing up and screaming in front of you, spilling their beer on innocent bystanders. A friend at a party who is so serious and irate about the game that he breaks your coffee table by slamming his fists down when the other team wins. We’ve all had this experience where we question “How much is too much?”

Deadspin has been a buzz with this Phillies fan dubbed “Drunk 9/11 Hippie Girl”. Read the story here, and read her response here.

Set Up Ideas:

  • Loud fans at games: I love your team spirit or Tone it down a notch? Ask listeners to weigh in via text and social media.


  • Solicit for listener stories on the worst “fan” experience they’ve ever had- at a sports event or concert.


  • Body paint to show team spirit: do or don’t? Does it matter if your body isn’t in great shape? Discuss. (One of the points with the “Drunk 9/11 Hippie Girl” complainers was that she wasn’t thin enough to have her body painted.)


  • Take the angle of parents at their kids’ sporting events. Recruit for stories of over the top parent-fans or coaches. [Angela just heard one yesterday…the mom of an 8-year-old hockey player who painted her face, wore the team colors, and climbed up the glass to cheer on her team. The ref politely asked her to rejoin her husband in the stands.]

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