Topic Idea: Breaking Up With Your Trainer And Not Your Gym

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From Eric Rowe, Executive Producer, The Roula & Ryan Show, KRBE/Houston

I’m so screwed. I’m locked into one of those yearlong gym memberships and I have six months left. I also signed up for a year of personal training. The gym is so convenient; it’s right near my house. The problem is that I’m not liking my trainer and I don’t know how to breakup with him and go to another trainer in the same place. Am I screwed? Is it possible to make the switch? I know I would never feel comfortable seeing him every day at the gym, especially when I have another trainer there.

Have you tried to break up with someone from an establishment and still go to 8218100257_7ee75a87e4.jpgthat place while using a different employee? For example, a hair stylist, manicurist, trainer?


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