Topic Idea: How Old Is Too Old To Believe In Santa?

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Your 14-year-old kid still believes in Santa: sweet and innocent, or bizarre and troubling? That’s the debate going on at The Stir after a Mom proudly announced that her teenager still believes.

Read it here.

Setup Ideas:santa.jpg

  • How old is too old? At what age is it the parents’ responsibility to tell a child Santa isn’t real? Discuss. [Be careful not to spoil it for any small children listening, though.]


  • What crazy things do you do to keep your kids believing in Santa? Ask listeners to share their “magic” traditions.


  • How did you find out Santa wasn’t real? Share stories about your childhood and how it unfolded.


  • Go on a quest. Find the listener with the oldest child who still believes.


Photo credit: Stephendepolo on Flickr, via Creative Commons

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