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by Dave Ryan

Photo Credit:Flickr/SaadFaruqueSome of us have a routine that works for us to come up with new content for our show.  Maybe a certain activity gets your brain working in a different way that generates ideas.  For you it might be working out, or watching a movie.

For someone else, maybe it’s going for a drive, or taking a shower.  And trying someone else’s method for spurring creativity is kinda like wearing someone else’s underwear.  They might fit okay, but they just don’t feel right.

That’s why I always hesitate when I share what works for me when it comes to creativity.  But guess what?  There are now actually some apps that you can use that might just give you some ideas you never thought of.  These, I don’t mind suggesting.  I really don’t think it’s possible for them NOT to work, because they do what your brain does when it’s being creative; they take different ideas and combine them into one new idea.

One is Idea Generator.  It gives you three random words that might spark an idea.  If you don’t like the words, spin again for three new ones or choose which word you might want to keep.

Ideatron is also great.  It uses a combination of random pictures and words on a workspace that you can move and play with to generate ideas.

And finally, to help with your ideas AND your story-telling, Connection Story Maker helps you clarify what your story is about and where it’s headed.  It’s a little more involved than the other two, but it’s great for formulating storylines for players on your show.

But the best creative tool you can use is simple.  It’s simply:  “Have a Life.” That’ll spark more ideas than any technique or app out there

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