How Disciplined Are You?

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Ronnie Stanton, Corus Entertainment National Morning Show Coach

Photo Credit: Flickr/Jan TikDo you plan every break every day? Not every word but to give you a plan and a sense of the complete show before the show starts?

Do you talk about the outside world or the inside studio? Vigilantly employ the ‘who gives a @$#&’ filter?

Do you prep and plan on Sundays? Successful shows never stop working.

Do you live like your core listener? Watching the TV shows and sports they watch, going to the movies they are going to.

Do you ensure you shake listener’s hands a least once a week? Meeting you is unforgettable to them – believe in the power of connection and show your human side.

Do you consciously watch you show’s song count and understand its importance?

Do you have the courage to let great bits go because they are simply past their use by date?

Do you ask yourself ‘why’ and constantly validate regular features and benchmarks? 

Do you work hard to remain compelling and relevant? The sad truth is that the next ‘you’ is in radio school right now.

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