Are You the Duff?

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If you are a woman out on the town with a group of girlfriends, there is a possibility that one of you is The Duff. It’s a hurtful term for Designated Ugly Fat Friend and the subject of the recently released teen-focused movie “The Duff.”

Shoboy and Nina discussed how The Duff dynamic works in a group setting last week on 92.3 AMP Radio in New York City; basically The Duff is there to make the other girls look good or to feel better about themselves.

In relating the story, Nina was brave enough to be vulnerable on the air as she shared her Point of View through a personal story – Nina used to be The Duff.

Listen to the story of what Nina’s “friends” paid Nina’s man crush to do. If you think that was mean, wait until you hear the callers share their Duff stories.

SETUP: Have you ever discovered that a “friend” had ulterior motives for spending time with you? Perhaps they want your free concert tickets, a ride on your boat or they want to hang with a local media celeb? Invite listeners to share stories of how they learned that a friendship wasn’t a friendship after all.

Alternate setup is to tell stories of friends that you keep around to make yourself look good, because they have a lot of money, because they give you free stuff, etc.

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