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To explain how character helps make an on air personality more memorable, I sometimes have players do a fun exercise called, How would Snow White do your traffic report?

Radio traffic reports are 100% informational. But if Disney’s Snow White were reporting a freeway standstill, her sweet voice and character would make the segment unique and entertaining.

Snow White would lead commuters in a happy sing-a-long to pass the time. She would encourage drivers to smile and say “good morning” to the cars in the next lane.

If Darth Vader from Star Wars reported traffic, he would encourage drivers to “choose the dark side” and use The Force to clear traffic from their path.

As a traffic reporter, Sheldon of CBS TV’s The Big Bang Theory would use brainy scientific terms to explain the backup, and if you did not understand, he would question your intelligence.

In the same way that these imaginary characters would do traffic features, we encourage you to perform any segment as your unfiltered true self.

Think of how the highest paid radio personalities in the US would do your traffic report. Howard Stern might use words that you have to bleep. Sean Hannity might blame the traffic on Democrats.

Before reading a liner card, performing a remote broadcast, endorsing a business in a live spot, appearing on-stage or in any other situation, consider how to filter in your point of view.

  • Emotions
  • Inner Dialogue
  • Personal Stories
  • Opinions

Think of your content as the stage that your character dances on. Without all of your personality –  flaws, quirks and all – content is generic.

Exaggerate about 10% to make the show more fun, and make your show something that could only come from you.

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