Is New Media Killing Old Media?

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The Randy Lane Company is happy to feature contributor Andrew Curran of DMR/Interactive’s recent insights on the health of radio.

For the first time in a decade, Deloitte issued an in-depth analysis of radio, and their findings reflect radio’s ongoing strength and resilience.

According to the report, radio has commonly been underestimated. In fact, by 2025, adults 18-34 will spend more time listening to radio than watching traditional TV.

Andrew Curran, President and COO of DMR/Interactive, recently interviewed Duncan Stewart from Deloitte for additional perspectives, including why misperceptions exist about radio listening. According to Stewart, “There is a narrative that new media kills old media, so nobody bothers to look at evidence that doesn’t fit the narrative.”

As Curran sees it, “Mr. Stewart’s candid perspective is equal parts refreshing and powerful. It’s something we all need to spend time with and amplify. Deloitte provides an independent voice with a global perspective and one of their key takeaways should be part of every radio sales deck and client conversation: Radio listening increases with higher employment, education and income.” 

As far as how radio came to be featured this year in the 112-page wide-ranging global media report, Stewart shares, “I noticed that we had not written about radio since 2009! After 10 years, and an industry that is going to be over $40 billion in size, the topic seemed well overdue.”

In terms of what the future holds for radio, there’s “a great opportunity for radio to leverage its audience data and tell its story.” Stewart says, “I picture Millennial ad execs in 2039 sitting around, still eating avocado toast, and bragging to their peers that they liked radio before it was popular.”

Here’s a link to the Radio Rally Point interview in All Access featuring the interview with Duncan Stewart, Deloitte.

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