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If I ask you to imagine James Bond, you might visualize Daniel Craig. But when he was first cast, there was controversy. A “Blonde Bond?” Inconceivable! But once we saw the film, Craig quickly busted down that boundary.

You might picture Sean Connery as James Bond, but did you know that author Ian Fleming was 100% against Connery being 007? Fleming could not see it and pushed for Cary Grant, but wound up loving Sean Connery, like everyone else.

Now, rumors are that Daniel Craig will return as Bond in the 2020 film No Time To Die, but “007” will be played by a black woman. Unimaginable? Inconceivable? Just wait…

Keep James Bond in mind when you cast players for your radio show or podcast. Stereotyping is a barrier to your success.

If I ask you to imagine a top-forty radio show you might imagine a high-energy host. But Jubal Fresh of the Brooke and Jubal show told our recent panel at Portland Pop Up that his immense success began once he was allowed to be his low-energy self.

If I ask you to imagine a stereotypical country radio show, would you imagine a host with a foreign accent? A person of color? A female in the lead role? Check out Nancy Mack of KGNC Amarillo’s Mack and Tex or Tracy and Guy at KYGO Denver.

Not long ago, a gay host on a mainstream station was unimaginable. But in 2010 Elvis Duran found that sharing his authentic self was key to building a bond with listeners.

Beyond breaking stereotypes, you still need killer content, execution and character.

People used to say female superhero movies would never work after the flops Catwoman and Elektra, but Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel proved conclusively that gender does not matter as much as being really good.

Finding stand-out talent for radio or podcasts seems to be getting more difficult. Despite that, Randy and I are sometimes brought in to help search and often told what specific kind of person the show needs.

Our advice is, “Talent trumps everything. Just find someone really good.”


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