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Earlier this week, Fred Jacobs wrote an insightful blog that referenced former Apple and Pepsi executive John Sculley’s article in The Drum. Sculley advises businesses during the pandemic to reward their loyal customers if they want to come out of this in a better position.

For radio, that means focusing on P1 listeners who typically contribute up to 80% of listening. As music and information have become digital commodities, both music and talk stations create long-term loyalty with their trusted, authentic personalities.

Since budgets are nonexistent, now is the time to utilize your personality brands to better serve core listeners. Here are seven actions to consider:

7 Ways to Increase Brand Loyalty

  1. Play the hits. Repurpose the show’s best content segments multiple times and rotate the stickiest news stories every half-hour to grow Nielsen ratings.
  2. Ramp up video output on social media while being thoughtful and selective with the tone. Additionally, talent can connect with listeners through interactive video chats like happy hours and lifestyle topics.
  3. Do a spinoff on CNN’s campaign, “I’m Van Jones in Los Angeles and this is CNN.” Record listeners from different parts of your metro saying, “I’m Lauren Shaw in Bethesda, and this is WTOP.” Your personalities could record them to run in all dayparts, “I’m Charlamagne tha God in New York City and this is Power 105.1.” 
  4. Talent, now’s the time to step up and help sales. Stay in touch with your endorsement clients if they’ve paused their advertising. Be available for Zoom calls with clients.
  5. Showcase local businesses. Have air personalities interact with business owners to briefly tell their story, include funny anecdotes, and have them participate in one of the show’s games.
  6. Replace voiceover imaging with talent delivering branding messages in their personality. Air talents are your station’s connection to listeners, not generic voiceover announcers.
  7. Recycle classic bits from months and years past like many heritage shows do on anniversary broadcasts. Your fans will appreciate the familiarity, comfort, and entertainment they receive from them.

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