TV Dramas and Radio Shows

 In Blog defines drama as “a dialogue or story involving conflict or contrast of character.” The most listened to audio shows and the most viewed TV shows are fueled by high drama.

Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit is Nielsen’s top-rated streamed TV show. It’s loaded with character conflicts, dilemmas, quests, and vulnerabilities. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a must-see!

The Bert Show based in Atlanta is an example of a radio show with jumbo ratings driven by drama. They even have a link on their “Today on the Show” page asking listeners for their dramatic stories.

Four Correlations (Between TV dramas and Radio Shows)

Film critic Claudia Puig on the subject of films and TV shows, “If you don’t care about the characters, nothing much else matters.” The same is true of radio and podcast shows.

TV dramas start by dropping us into the drama to get us instantly invested in authentic, relatable, and likable characters. The backstories start to unfold after they’ve hooked us.

  • Successful radio shows start every content segment with a headline to hook listeners, then follow with the meat of the content.

TV dramas continually foreshadow upcoming content and end every segment and episode with a cliffhanger.

  • The best radio shows close every content segment with a tease of what’s going to happen next. Captivating teases are a key way to give your show more drama and TSL.

TV dramas sprinkle in levity and comedy to relieve the dramatic tension.

  • The highest-rated radio shows run on levity and comedy, but the emotional impact is powered by drama and conflict.

TV dramas intersperse generous amounts of vulnerability with conflict to make characters endearing.

  • Radio characters who are willing to share their relatable flaws, failings, and regrets greatly enhance their relationship with listeners.

Next week: How can you create drama on your show? There are several ways, and some will surprise you.

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