4 Ways to Create Drama

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In last week’s Content Ideas, we stressed the importance of drama to generate ratings. Here are four effective ways to create drama in your show.

  1. Storylines

    One of the best ways to engage listeners and promote tune-ins is storylines. They can be an intense drama going on in a cast member’s life or something as simple as The KVJ Show’s Jason’s quest to buy a house for the first time. Like TV dramas, unfolding stories give listeners a reason to tune-in to find out what will happen next.

    Pro tips:
  • Include cast storylines on your daily planning checklist. The most captivating storylines have something at-stake or at-risk.
  • In focus groups that we moderate, panelists often say things like, “The show has callers on with dilemmas, but they never tell us how it played out.” Follow up with how a storyline got resolved.

    2. Features and Benchmark 

    There are several relationship dramas that top-rated shows have become known for and drive listening. The most common ones are heavy on conflict and emotions including “War of the Roses,” “Second Date Update/Blown Off,” and “Hang Up or Hang Out.

    Fun and humorous drama features are popular with listeners too. Prank phone calls, “Facebook Fights,” and interactive trivia games between two contestants are good examples.

    3. Interactive Story Topics

    Fascinating stories are driven by conflict. For instance, a cast player shares a story about a previous job confrontation with a bad boss. Then the show airs “worst boss” stories from callers.

    Pro tip: Go on a quest to find the worst boss in your market. A quest or challenge to listeners raises the bar on the quality of stories and generates more callers.

    4. Must-Listen Teases

    Shows with weak or little teasing tend to be low in drama. Craft teases with the intention of setting up a mystery that the show resolves in the next segment. The teases will require enough detail to get listeners invested in your upcoming content.

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