Three Uncommon Storytelling Tips

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Captivating storytelling is one of the most valuable skills you can develop to connect with an audience and advance your career.

Stories are central to all forms of communication including movies, television series, podcasts, and radio shows. Think about all the competition for compelling stories on Netflix or Apple TV. Powerful stories command and hold the attention of today’s distracted and short-attention-span audience.

The human brain has been wired to connect with stories since the beginning of time. Now science has discovered why storytelling is such an effective tool. Neural coupling” occurs when the human brain hears or sees a story. It means the listener’s neurons fire in the same pattern as the speaker.

Earlier this week, we took an out-of-town guest to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Larry David told multiple funny stories during his two segments.  After the show, Jimmy told us that all guests who come on the show are asked to bring several stories because stories engage and entertain the audience.

Here are three uncommon tips that will improve your storytelling.

  1. Tell the story in present tense. When you retell the story as if it’s happening now, listeners experience the story like they’re witnessing the action. Telling your story in present tense draws listeners in and helps them empathize with the characters and action. “I walk into the local Starbucks and……..”
  2. Ask questions. Like an intriguing tease, asking questions in your story increases listener curiosity. Posing a question like, “What do you think I did next,” causes the audience to reflect and wonder what they would do in that situation.
  3. End with impact. Resolutions can be funny, emotionally moving, or revealing.

Since childhood, we’ve heard “the moral to the story is…” Many stories we hear on radio and podcasts just end. But how do you end your story with a moral? Conclude your story with how it changed you. What did you learn or realize? Did you have an insight?

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