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As we roll into the first full week of 2023, most of us have set some form of goals or resolutions.

There are countless studies on how long people stick with resolutions. Unfortunately, only about 9 to 16% of people are able to follow through on their resolutions. Lifehack points out 16 reasons why resolutions fail.

According to Stratos CEO Stacy McCall, “A resolution is a statement of what you want to change. For example, saving money. A goal is a statement of what you want to achieve; the steps you need to take to achieve it; and when you want to achieve it. For example, saving ten percent of each paycheck for the next six months, so you can take a family vacation in August.”

Consequently, goal setting is more detailed than resolutions and they take more planning. McCall says, “By rephrasing your New Year’s resolutions to goals, you make them stronger and more likely to be achieved.”

Measurement is crucial

Noting measurable progress toward your goals boosts confidence and self-esteem. When you see gains and improvements, you stay motivated and want to take action.

Let’s say your show or radio station is # 9 in your target demo and your goal is to be # 1. It’s unrealistic to set the timeline to be number one in 90 days. A more effective way to achieve that goal would be to set incremental benchmarks such as, “Be number seven after the first quarter, number four after the third quarter, etc.

Set points

You can measure goals like your weight, your bank account, and your rating progress. Vishen Lakhiani author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, explains that a set point is a level of performance you do not allow yourself to fall below. Lakhiani says that if you slip below a set point, turn it into a challenge by slightly increasing an incremental goal.

Additional goal-setting tips

  • Set goals as a team to harness the power of inclusion and group dynamics. Everyone writes down the agreed-upon goals and refers to them weekly.
  • Additionally, less is more in goal setting. Twenty goals will be overwhelming and reduce the chance of success. 
  • Acknowledge and be grateful for your progress. Be thankful for an uptrend, an increase in cume, or increased social media engagement.

Happy New Year and much success in manifesting 2023 goals!

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

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