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Films, TV shows, sports teams, podcasts, and radio shows are built around well-branded personalities and performers. The same is true with authors. When airport passengers pick up a book for their flight, they’re likely to grab one from familiar and brand authors like Stephen King or Colleen Hoover or a branded and likable personality like Mathew Perry.

Generic DJs without a distinctive personality are commodities that do not stand out. They are being replaced by syndicated personalities and more and more by AI.

Personality brands have a distinct point of view on topics, their market, and the world. Their brand difference may be funny, snarky, family-friendly, quirky, edgy, etc.

Local continues to grow in importance for personality and radio station brands. It’s not so much about reporting local news as it is about being visible and being involved in community events, creating community events, and reflecting the local attitude.

The most effective strategy is to build a brand to transcend Nielsen’s wild fluctuations. How do you build a brand?
To go beyond a commodity, (where listeners lump you in with everyone else) and become a media brand, the audience must trust a radio show, podcast, or radio station.

Familiarity & Likability

Consumers choose media brands because they know you, they like you, and you are different. Because of the crowded media landscape, radio shows take eighteen months to two years to build familiarity and trust.

Air talents build relationships with listeners by sharing their points of view on the stories of the day and their personal life stories. Additionally, relationship building includes demonstrating your endearing characteristics and revealing your quirks and flaws.

Once listeners know you, being transparent and vulnerable deepens the connection even more. Oprah has built a colossal brand enabling her to withstand mistakes. Although her movie Beloved received positive reviews from critics, she over-hyped the film and it didn’t do well at the box office. Oprah’s likability and relevance can be traced back to her vulnerability and transparency about her abusive upbringing.

Differentiation & Relevance

Key point: Being different in your media lane and target audience builds familiarity and likability.

The Greg Beharrell Show is an excellent example of a unique personality brand. Based at rocker KLOS Los Angeles and syndicated by YEA Networks, Greg’s comedic chops enable him to play with callers in a quirky and “out there” way. In one instance, a caller tells him about a bad date where the guy takes out his fake eye. He replied, “That sounds like Sex in the City took place in Appalachia!”  Greg endears himself to listeners with his humor, likability, and self-deprecation.

What about shows known for a standout benchmark? Distinct and relevant characters who are funny and transparent storytellers trump killer benchmarks. However, building original content through the characters AND having a high tune-in benchmark is a double win.

Listeners will choose your brand over competitors for three reasons:

  1. Your show/podcast is different.
  2. They know you and they like you.
  3. Your brand content is relevant to their lives.

Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

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