Topic Idea: Hiring A Hot Nanny

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Pictures surfaced last week of Gavin Rossdale’s hand on his nanny’s lower back (while supporting her during a hike with his two boys). Although the picture made something innocent look scandalous, it makes us wonder if it would have made the news at all if the nanny was unattractive.

Setup Ideas:

  • Would you hire an attractive nanny? Get the perspective of both Moms and Dads.


  • Ask “is there anyone listening who” is an attractive nanny? Get her (or his!) thoughts on whether looks have ever caused a problem.


  • Do you only hire attractive nannies, secretaries, sales executives? Why? Click here to read a survey that managers are more likely to hire attractive employees. (Stephanie was hired as a nanny in college in part because the little girl refused to “hang out” with a woman who she didn’t think was pretty.)

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