Social Media: Are You On The Nice or Naughty List?

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by Stephanie Winans

The Social Media Santa is watching you to see if you’ve been a good boy or girl. Making a list and checking it twice. Read on to determine whether you’re on the Naughty or Nice list.

“I have Facebook linked to Twitter. That’s better than nothing, right?”Social_Media_Santa_sm.jpg

Naughty list. Facebook and Twitter are different platforms, with different languages and different structures, and they are used in different ways. You miss out on the opportunity to tailor your content in a way that engages users when you link the two.

“We encourage listeners to share their opinions on a hot topic using a Twitter hashtag.”

Nice list. Hashtags are a fun way to make the content more interactive for listeners and create exposure for the show, too.

“I have an automatic feed set up, so content automatically posts to Facebook.”

Naughty list. Automatic feeds often look, well, automated. They statistically receive less engagement, and they rank low in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm.

“I use Twitter for show prep. Keeping up with the topics my listeners are tweeting about keeps the show relevant.”

Nice list. Twitter is a fabulous resource for show prep. Follow your favorite news and entertainment sources to stay abreast of breaking news and current trends.

“I post funny pictures on Facebook and give the listener with the best caption a prize.”

Naughty list. Those contests are fun, but they violate Facebook’s guidelines.

“I know my P1s by name because I chat with them on Twitter.”

Nice list. Social media is made for fan engagement, so connecting with listeners should be your first priority on both Facebook and Twitter.

“You can use social media to drive listening? Oh. I thought it was only for funny videos and memes.”

Naughty list. Take advantage of the large audience on social media, and promote your show’s best features each day.

“I choose the best content daily from our website to share on my social platforms.”

Nice list. Using social media to drive website traffic is smart, as it’s those numbers that your Sales department uses to generate revenue.

“I like to share links on Facebook without including any of my own thoughts or an indication of what the link or video is about.”

Naughty list. Not only just posting a link by itself look like spam, but you miss an opportunity to use that content to brand yourself by including your own clearly defined opinion.

“Call me Perez Hilton. My teases are so outrageous, that everyone clicks the link I share. And then they’re angry, but who cares?”

Naughty list. You know how you feel when you’ve been tricked into clicking a link. Don’t abuse the trust relationship radio has with its listeners.

“When a listener asks me a question on Facebook about something I don’t know the answer to (for example, a contest or commercial), I find the answer for them.”

Nice list. Listeners don’t know it’s not your job. Just help them out and leave them with a positive impression of the station or show.

“I thank my listeners on Facebook and Twitter after a strong ratings book.”

Naughty list. Mentioning ratings in any way is against Arbitron’s social media policy.


“I create organic parody photos and videos, using trends to showcase my good sense of humor and character.”

Nice list. Creating a parody on a hot topic gives you a way to talk about a topic everyone else is talking about, but in a way that no one else can.

“My concentration is on the number of likes I have. Why should I focus on making a personal connection with listeners?”

Naughty list. Social media gives you the opportunity to engage listeners, and build a relationship with them. Creating P1s from casual listeners through personal interaction should be goal #1.

“I follow @TheRandyLaneCo and @StephanieWinans on Twitter. They’re awesome.”

Nice list. We’re cool. And this might be shameless self-promotion. Blame me for that, not Randy.

Wishing you all a happy (silly, wicked fun!) holiday season, full of “nice list” social media efforts.

Disclaimer: I’m not buying you any gifts either way. (Let’s not get crazy here.)

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