Creating the Perfect Demo Part 1: What To Do

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By Angela Perelli, Randy Lane & Cliff Dumas

The sole purpose of your demo is to move you to the top of the list and get you an interview.

Begin your demo with a quick imaging piece that introduces you. This adds a production element and sets up what your prospective employer is going to hear. Make it quick, no long intros. If you are using a musical or parody introduction the same rule applies; make it short, entertaining and relevant.

Your demo needs to establish a number of strategic skills quickly. Just like our coaching methodology advocates, lead your breaks, or in this case your demo, with a powerful statement, headline or question. Start with your best stuff.

Before you start to construct your demo, create a list of your strengths and then construct the demo to illustrate those strengths.

Don’t include all of these, but pick from the following list the content that is best suited to your show brand. Demonstrate a range of abilities. You can be funny, heartfelt, emotional, serious, informed, etc. Some elements to consider:

1.    Something personal to reveal who you are and how far you’re willing to go in talking about your life.

2.    An engaging, entertaining segment that showcases your strengths (answering the question, “Would I want to go on a four-hour road trip with this person or these people?”). Could be:


  • Interaction with listeners
  • Something topical
  • Observational humor
  • Emotional content
  • Your benchmark news feature like news, entertainment, stupid news, etc. (if applicable)
  • A contest
  • An interview
  • Character voices, dialects, singing (anything else you can do with your voice)

3. Station business – a liner and/or PPM mechanics like teasing and hooking   (program directors want to know that you can sell their station).

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