Brainstorming for Introverts

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Brainstorming is hard. To be most effective, consider how different personality types formulate ideas.

We believe the best ideas are generated from a combination of group and individual brainstorming sessions. Many air personalities play the role of extroverts, but are introverts in their personal lives. Often, extroverts take center stage in group brainstorming, while introverts may not utter a word.

Introverts, and many other people, come up with better ideas when they are alone than they do in group situations. Research studies have proven that introverts respond to stimuli slower than extroverts. Their incubation period for developing ideas takes longer. They benefit from being introduced to the topic days before a brainstorming session, which allows time to let ideas marinate.

For more ideas on brainstorming sessions for introverts (and extroverts) check out the following:



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