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Last week, Jeff McHugh outlined several ways to be a companion to listeners. As we enter the holiday season, people more than ever are craving companionship, connection, and community.

Rather than being part of an audience, how do you make people feel like they’re part of your community? Your show has a great opportunity to make all listeners (not just P1’s) feel part of your community. Here are our four simple ways:

  1. Build loyalty
    Sephora’s Beauty Insider program drives as much as 80% of their sales. The Los Angeles Clippers NBA basketball team has built a big fan base against the popular LA Lakers with their Clipper Nation community. Starbucks was one of the first retailers to use a loyalty program simply called Starbucks Rewards

    Over the years, many shows have created a community that loyal listeners could belong to. KLOS Los Angeles Heidi and Frank Show has VIP Members, Bill and Deanna at Alice Reno has their BFF’s and The Ace and TJ  Show has the Ace and TJ Family.
  2. Make listeners feel special
    Listener Profile Promos are an effective and efficient way to create a community focused on fans. For example, “Hi I’m Kristen from Davidson. I work at Wells Fargo, I love to hike, and I never miss Riggins’ Week in Review.”
  3. Catch phrase caller greetings
    Many shows, including the former WFAN New York’s Boomer and Carton Show, have used, “Long-time listener, first-time caller” to greet callers. Brian, Ali, and Justin WKQX Chicago are greeted by callers with “Ahoy!”
  4. Be inclusive and watch pronouns
    A simple way to make new and non-P1 listeners feel welcome is to use inclusive language that also makes your show easy to follow. Limit the use of “I”. You, your, we, our, us make listeners feel part of your conversation. Always use “you” when referring to listeners, and refer to cast members, cast family members, and all peripheral characters by their show name.

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