21 Habits of Successful People

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2021 has been another catastrophic year with natural disasters, unnecessary violence, and the persistence of Covid variances.

Yet we are grateful for our shows and clients that have served and connected with their communities as an inspiration through the discord.

The holiday season is a time for reflecting on the passing year and crafting plans for the new one. As you contemplate goals and intentions for 2022, consider the following positive practices that are a mix of personal and professional habits to improve your quality of life.

21 Habits Of Successful People

  1. They keep a journal.
  2. They have positive self-talk.
  3. The meditate.
  4. They read.
  5. They embrace their fears.
  6. They know that failure is part of success.
  7. They only associate with positive people.
  8. They set intentions.
  9. They talk to the universe.
  10. They are thankful.
  11. They prioritize their time.
  12. They don’t sweat the small stuff.
  13. They focus on what they can control.
  14. They actively listen.
  15. They enjoy money as a byproduct of their dream.
  16. They don’t count on their luck.
  17. They love having fun and celebrating.
  18. They forgive themselves and others.
  19. They never give up but will change when needed.
  20. They don’t make rash or emotional decisions.
  21. They listen to their intuition.

The Randy Lane Company will return with Content Ideas on January 9, 2022.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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