Increase Cume With Little Or No Money: Ideas For Morning Shows

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by Stan Main

1. Get out of the studio and meet listeners. Dedicate the time to contact different organizations, charities, clubs and let them know you are available to host any events they have. Now, get an act. Create a short routine that cuts through with the audience at these events. The goal is to have them walk away thinking about listening to Gene and Julie on the next day’s show instead of wondering who those two nice DJs were.

2. Write blogs for popular websites or appear on local TV shows. Use your expertise in movies, music, local market, pop culture, etc. to get the job of  ‘guest host’ or ‘guest blogger.’ In return for the publicity, promote the website or TV show on your radio show. For blogs, the more controversial the opinion, the better.

3. Create a buzzworthy stunt or spin-off story from a hot topic. For example, during a political protest Mikey from The Mikey Show sent show players to the protest to “protest the protestors” wearing Mikey Show shirts. The news coverage of the event gave the show exposure. Stunts work great at creating talk about morning radio shows, especially stunts that tie-in with community hot buttons.

4. Stage callers with controversial comments (who can say what you can’t!) to create talk about the show. Generate some “Can you believe what Bill and Lynda said on the radio this morning?” talk at the office.

5. Come up with original content that creates a buzz in the market, on social media, or nationally. Whether it’s a popular feature or a viral video, create content that the audience can’t get anywhere else.

6. Break celebrity news during an interview on your show. For example, when Reggie Bush was on the Paul and Young Ron Show (Big 105.9/Miami, syndicated), Paul Castronovo used the tabloid rumors that his girlfriend is pregnant to ask Bush if a ‘Congratulations’ was in order. Without hesitation, Reggie Bush announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy for the first time on the show. The result? Excitement for the Paul and Young Ron Show as every news outlet in the country mentions their name (or runs their logo on TV) when releasing Bush’s confirmation of the pregnancy.

7. Consider a grassroots marketing campaign. For example, The Roula and Ryan Show at KRBE/Houston asks listeners to advertise the show at their work in flyers on their windows, marquees, electronic billboards, etc. They must keep it up for a week and send a picture. They give weekly mentions to participating businesses during popular benchmarks, and post the pictures on your website as incentives. Offer a prize for the business with the best sign.

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