Four Ways to App-Proof Your Show

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When I was a deejay at WWDM Columbia, back in the ’80’s, I could start the day telling listeners to “tune in for the new Michael Jackson song today at noon,” and they would.

Today, there’s an app for that.  Listeners have new music on their devices before it’s on radio. The same goes for a lot of other content that people used to wait for on AM/FM, but now get instantly whenever they want it.

  • News
  • Celebrity news
  • Traffic
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Concert announcements
  • Games
  • Movie releases and reviews

If your show covers any of that territory, here are four tactics that elevate otherwise generic benchmarks to can’t-miss entertainment.

  1. Point of view and character. Add your opinion, inner thoughts, emotions, and personal stories to everything on your show, including news. Dry information like traffic and weather can be made more fun if a colorful character delivers it.
  2. Audio. Always bring song clips when discussing an artist or concert and bring movie clips to any talk about films. Play-by-play audio is much more compelling than reading sports scores. Music paints the mental picture when it is in harmony with your content.
  3. Tell me something I did not already know. Find information that no one else in your market has yet. Example: When making a concert announcement, share reviews and set lists from that tour from other cities.
  4. Expand on a topic. Use any informational content like news, movie plot lines or celebrity gossip to create a “Has this happened to you?” discussion. Interweave your related personal stories with real-life stories from the audience.

Top-performing shows today keep the audience’s attention by offering content that cannot be found anywhere else.

With the above strategies, you can keep your fans coming back to your show for a memorable, unique version of content that is otherwise available everywhere.

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