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In the heart of the pandemic, I wrote an article about the need to increase brand loyalty. Loyalty continues to be the crucial component to keep your brand thriving as we are hopefully moving toward some semblance of normal. Radio must still address the ongoing cultural changes and concerns.

The audience continues to be in flux as more people resume their commute to work and their means of accessing audio is expanding digitally. Women have been disproportionately affected by Covid by working remotely and simultaneously grappling with their children’s virtual schooling. Many people are still unemployed, and the competition is fierce for the opportunities that exist.

What is brand loyalty?

The definition of a brand from a radio perspective is establishing and nurturing a trust relationship with your listeners and clients. The process for radio and podcast personalities is much like developing personal relationships. The connection with listeners is established by opening-up and being your authentic self. The relationship is deepened by sharing life experiences.

How shows increase shared experiences

  • When you share your relevant personal stories, listeners will open up and share theirs. Humorous self-deprecating stories are always a hit with the audience.
  • Interact with more callers, texts, and social media. Yes, it is more difficult to get quality callers on-air. These tips will help.
  • Rather than posting generic and pop culture stories like everyone else, share personal video clips around your family, friends, and your pets. Engage and respond to listeners on social media.

Use the 80-20 Rule

You serve two audiences. Loyal fans (P1s) and cume listeners (P2s, 3s, 4s) that you’re cultivating to become fans. Super-serve your core listeners first by giving them 80% of your attention and the other 20% to encouraging occasional listeners to become fans.

Listen to your core listeners. Since research budgets are scarce to non-existent, consider conducting listener panel type focus group to get valuable feedback during these changing times.

Here are four ways to enhance your relationship with your fans and help convert your cume to become fans.

  • Highlight trusted personalities in your imaging with clips of priceless moments and clips that showcase their character. If your high-profile show has a standout benchmark, feature clips of it in promos.
  • In addition to honoring essential workers and local businesses, record core listeners in promos stating their name, where they live and work, and one thing they’re passionate about personally or something they like about your show/station. Female targeted stations would be smart to focus on working moms.
  • Be clear on what you stand for as a brand beyond content by emphasizing your community and charitable involvement.
  • Make your content available on-demand by distributing it across all digital platforms. Post your entire show coded for Nielsen and in fun-size chunks of your best content.

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